About Us

about us lab rpa

We are number one source for the digital workforce [artificial intelligence-driven software, frameworks, RPA driven systems, business logic, etc.] We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of [RPA, automation, bot enhancement, time and money, etc.], with a focus on several characteristics: dependability, customer service, and uniqueness, etc.

Founded in [2020] by Suraj Sharma, Harish Sharma, Vineet Sharma, and Anugrah Sharma, [LAB RPA] has come a long way from its beginnings in a developing technical environment]. When [we, co-founders] first started out, our passion for [automation through RPA, building intelligent robots to ensure systematic and proper business process automation, etc.] preparing business logics and training bots to attain the success for that process, etc.


Providing the best of automation for everybody drove us to [provide some extravagant RPA services to build the future and enhance every business industry through our exclusive process automation, with an intense piece of research, etc.] and gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming and technocrat intelligent RPA software system. 


We now aim to serve customers all over the corporate world, and are thrilled to be a part of the [AI and RPA drove world, i.e. automated intelligence and user-friendly systems, eco-friendly business, fair trade] wing of the [automation industry, business process automation, etc.] industry.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a community contributing meaningfully to a fast-changing Tech Environment.

Our Mission

Changing lives through Technology.

We cultivate/nurture the skills of the young generation to secure their future.

To provide a step by step automation voyage for the digital workforce through Robotics Process Automation and Business Logic integration and development.

Who Are We?

HOD- Automation and Technology

I am a Senior(or Exec)-level IT professional with deep experience in driving transformational change through effective IT leadership. My strengths include identifying and developing high-performing resources and solving complex problems across all facets of IT. I have achieved success in bridging the gap between corporate head office and IT departments across a multinational organization and am interested in building on my leadership and technical abilities with a global firm in my next role.

Vineet Sharma

I am a learning and development program management professional with deep experience in developing programs that affect the bottom line. My strengths include creating high-impact sales training programs and leading the delivery of training to support sales. I have achieved recognition for completely revamping training design in the company and am credited with affecting 10% revenue increases and am interested in building national sales training programs in my next role.

Harish Sharma

I am an organizational development executive professional with deep experience in all facets of workforce development initiatives. My strengths include developing high-performing operations teams that drive critical training projects and a focus on continuous internal team development. I have achieved complete transformation of L&D function at the national level and 25% increase in engagement metrics and am interested in building nationwide L&D functions for large manufacturing companies in my next role.

Anugrah Sharma

I am a solutions architect professional with deep experience in formulating technical solutions and approaches in response to complex business challenges. My strengths include application development, web services, service-oriented architecture, and enterprise-wide integrations. I have achieved success in helping my company penetrate new markets and win over [insert monetary amount] in contracts and am interested in building experience in the defense contracting industry in my next role.

What Do We Do?


The initial meeting, and if viable, follow-ups drive to the proposal and SOW for services

  • Collaborative
  • Consultative
  • Focus on client needs/expectations
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Engaging
  • Diligent
  • Follow-ups complete and accounted for
  • Competence
  • Manage risk
  • High performing

Our Approach

  • We pay attention to training, learn and apply what we learn
  • We do our best to complete our job tasks every day
  • We follow procedures and adhere to policies
  • We adopt and utilize best practices in our work
  • We meet targets and deadlines and don’t let our duties and responsibilities slip
  • We listen to client feedbacks and adopt improvements so we can do better
  • We do what’s right
  • We do the best we can at all times in all ways
  • We treat others how we would like to be treated
  • We thank others who help us

Our Core Values

  • Adopt a customer-first mindset.
  • Learn, share, grow.
  • Transparency.
  • Empower RPA systems to deliver outstanding results
  • Keep community at our center
  • flexible and inclusive approach.
  • Time and Money.

What Do We Provide?

We build the digital workforce to automate  accommodate your future through your business logics of all sorts, We do provide a platform to train yourself at Lab RPA and attain maximum agility, knowledge, and intelligence to create and automate the business process through your own digital workforce on different platforms.
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • OPEN Span