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The RPA Captain – Blue Prism


This Blue Prism RPA Solutions Architect course at Lab RPA provides you with the extremely efficient and handy training based on real time development and designing of the process architecture with BP infrastructure tools and design documents of various needs to automate the process.

  • Free Demo Class(if doesn’t suit then 2-5% deduction)
  • Instructor led sessions
  • Live problem solving discussions/sessions.
  • Free priority entry to webinars..


  • Develop and design architecture for the automation process.
  • Develop and design infrastructure for the automation process.
  • Develop, design and understand the JAVA ACCESS BRIDGE in detail(advanced)
  • Develop, design and manage the login agent.
  • Develop and design the object layer
    1. Design work queue flow of data.
    2. Design application modeller
    3. Design the creation of a process.
    4. Define bad environments for every process and segment
    5. Develop and design to add control in the layer through objects.
    6. Define BP process templates.
    7. Define proper naming conventions to the architecture.
  • Develop and design solutions.
  • Solution types and Solution Layers
    1. Full automation
    2. Partial automation
    3. Fragmented partial automation
    4. Restructured partial automation
    5. Objects
    6. Sub-process
    7. Wrapper objects
  • Understand the design basics
    1. Recoverability
    2. Scalability
    3. Reusability
  • Case management
  • Workload management
  • Data management
  • Maintaining the efficiency
  • Develop and design the procedure for the process workflow.
    1. Definition and requirements
    2. Shock proof design
    3. Types of projects and assessments
    4. Authority of design
  • Reviewing the SDD(Solution design document)
  • Reviewing the PDD(Process definitioin document)
  • Reviewing all the process and solution documents.
  • Architecture exercises
  • Consultation lessons and worksheets


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