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The RPA Navigator


This BPA(Business Process Automation) course at Lab RPA provides you with the extremely efficient and handy training based on real time working with the process flows and helps to let you become an RPA enthusiast on the business side.

  • Free Demo Class(if doesn’t suit then 2-5% deduction)
  • Instructor led sessions
  • Live problem solving discussions/sessions.
  • Free priority entry to webinars..


RPA navigator certification course helps you to:

  • Identifying the process.
  • Reconstructing the process
  • Designing blueprint for collaborating the process with systems/sever.
  • Document to set up the Control Tower
  • Re-construction and modulation of the process.
  • Planning to reciprocate the manual processing.
  • Idealizing the plan for automated processing.
  • Learn to justify the functionality of robots according to the requirements of the process.
  • Providing specific requirement documents to the solutions architect.
  • Designing PDD(Product Design Document).
  • Designing SDD(Solution Design Document).
  • Learn how to provide an extreme navigation route to be followed by the developers and the architect to design an accurate process model.
  • Learn to organize and manage the COE(Centre of Excellence) consulting team from the client’s workspace.
  • Design COE requirement document
  • Analyzing the process model and system requirements.
  • Collaborating all the segments and intend to design a white paper document.
  • Producing the white paper or the process analysis document to the architect.

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