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The RPA Sailor- Blue Prism


This Blue Prism RPA developer course at Lab RPA provides you with the extremely efficient and handy training based on real time working with the BP object flow, object studio, process flow and process studio along with designing workflow documents.

  • Free Demo Class(if doesn’t suit then 2-5% deduction)
  • Instructor led sessions
  • Live problem solving discussions/sessions.
  • Free priority entry to webinars..


  • Understanding the mechanism and infrastructure of Blue prism.
  • Understanding administration principles and methods.
  • Installing Blue Prism studio and configuration.
  • Understanding the concept of JAVA Access Bridge
  • Login Agent
  • Designing workflows
  1. Flow charts.
  2. SDD(Solution Design Document)
  3. PDD(Process Definition Document)
  4. PDI(Process Design Instruction)
  5. OID(Operational Impact Document)
  6. ODI(Object Design Instruction)
  7. I/O Manipulation
  • Object Layer and functions.
  1. Attach
  2. Actions
  3. Exposure
  4. Application Modeller
  • Object Studio
  1. Defining objects for various process and their agents.
  2. Object Orientation
  3. Classification of data, objects and their types
  4. Actions
  5. Handling the queues.
  6. SOD(Standard Object Design)
  • Process Studio
  1. Define, analyze and instantiate the process segments.
  2. How to run a process.
  3. Design specific workflow for the process
  4. Exception Handling
  5. Error Handling
  6. Logging
  7. Processing control room.
  8. Learn the TDA(Template driven Approach)
  9. Template design document
  10. Managing the system
  • Object Flow
  1. Business Objects
  2. Internal object manipulation and functions.
  • Process flow
  1. Environment variables
  2. Creating sessions.
  3. Understanding the work queues.
  4. Handling the exception and error.
  5. Process Debugger.
  • Work Queue
  1. Blue Prism Work Queue templates
  2. Mode of interactions for the queue.
  3. Global keys
  4. Code stage
  5. Casting
  • Surface Automation
  1. Introduction
  2. Regions
  3. Region editor
  4. Execution
  5. Defining and identification of system fonts
  6. Reading the actions
  7. Recognizing the input parameters.
  8. Wait for images
  9. Tracking the screen
  • Understanding the security paradigms.
  • Credential mapping
  • Error Management and exception handling
  • Case Management.
  • Consolidatory exercises.

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